Yesterday, we had two visits to see the house. The second visit seemed very positive, at least, that is what H said as he stayed behind with the realtor while I took the dog at my parents for a visit. When I got home, we walked the dog together. He spoke about his plans to leave the province once the house sells, that he wants to save money before doing so, etc...No talk of the OW though. He said that selling our house was “bitter sweet” because we had good memories there (very unexpected seeing that a week ago he was going at me...). Then he stopped and said “I’m sorry, I so sorry this happened”. I was taken aback! I said “I know”. That is it...I did not know what else to say. I did not want to start questioning him on why, the OW, us...I held back. It was hard!! Then again, I don’t know if this means anything at all... maybe, it was just talk...should I have reacted differently?? Said something else? I will not obsess about it. If he wants to open up gain, he will...i will just let it go...

When we got in, he asked “so, how is this going to work? How are we splitting our debts assets?” I said, "we’ll figure it out, we would need to see someone I guess.” He replied, “Yeah, ok”. Went downstairs, grabbed his cell phone, and said “I’m tired, going to bed”. I said, “Ok”. That was my evening...

There is that rollercoaster. Am I missing something or should I just stop “over thinking it”?

Me: 36
H: 36
No kids
EA/PA confirmed: 02-Jan-2014
Separate bedrooms/still living together