It is out of your control. All you do is focus on yourself at this point. Take care of you, make changes in you. This is what she feels she must do to heal. My D will be final in April. He's moving out tomorrow. He didn't even tell me he was moving out, I just saw things were missing so I finally asked. I was trying to just detach and not ask any questions but the wondering was killing me and I figured I had a right to know. It felt like relief when he said yes. I don't want him to leave but I did not say anything like that. I just said "ok" and then helped him separate some of his things out. This is just something he has to do in order to get through this part. I still think he's in MLC and he's either got a furnished apartment or he's moving in with someone else. I asked no questions other than if he was taking this or that. I'm acting as if it is all ok and staying positive. I want to have hope for reconciliation but I know he has to move out first and see what it's like. I'm hoping he will eventually have a change of heart. This really [censored]. Just have to keep on living.

Me - 42
exH - 56
Married 10.5 years
Together 17
bomb dropped 1/6/14
signed papers 2/4/14
H moved out 2/22/14
D final 4/4/14
Dropped the rope 5/17/14
2 cats, 2 dogs