Just wanted to clarify that he was the one who first contacted the real estate agent, I just followed through.

On Tuesday night, he was not home when I got in, so I expected he would not be coming home. It has been over a week since he slept over the OW's place (her husband must be home...), so I naturally made dinner for one and sat back to watch TV. He came home around 8 pm, telling me he was in school re-taking an exam he failed. I said, "Oh, I must have misunderstood, I thought the exam was at 1:00 pm. He asked, "what's for dinner?” I replied, "I made some perogies and salad for myself, I didn't know you'd be home tonight."...he made a sandwich and stomped downstairs.

The next day, the realtor came by and placed the sign on the front lawn. As we do not talk unless we are home together, I was taken aback but kept it together. I noticed “someone else” was over my house today as there was a bottle of soft drink and little Debbie cakes (??), which my H does not usually eat. I have asked him not to bring the OW over but I cannot control what he does when I am not home, so I brushed it away... (Very proud of me, no breakdown!)

H was at work that night. He called around 7 pm to say, "I guess you noticed the agent came by. He asked about taxes, and I did not know where to get this info, so can you email him back? (H is not involved in finances at all!). I said "Sure". He added, "I will be home tonight, it would be nice if I had some dinner.” I said, "Yes, sorry I misunderstood, dinner is already made for you".

He came home at 10 pm from work (on time), and said:"Hi!” thanks for dinner" as he grabbed his plate and walked away. I replied, “welcome...goodnight", and went to bed.

I do not think I did anything wrong although he still seems upset at me. On the other hand, I should not overanalyze his behavior but living with him until I get to leave, is torture...

My concern is his family still contacts me whether by phone or text. I was close with his sister and she checks in on me every other day to see “how I’m dealing” or “if I need to talk”. Before, all this, as she was also separated, I found comfort in talking to her because she understood... Her mother was also ‘abandoned’ by her former H who left her for the OW. Therefore, she has actually lived through it! I do not talk to the mom anymore but remain pleasant when she calls the house cause I think she is having a real hard time with all this, brings back memories she says (Like father like son, I say..lol). My question is: Do I tell them to stop calling me because I need space or time to heal? I know Sandy says not to contact his family but they are the ones calling me. WHAT DO I DO?

Me: 36
H: 36
No kids
EA/PA confirmed: 02-Jan-2014
Separate bedrooms/still living together