I have a questioN? My W found Sandies list that I copied and put it in my documents on the laptop. My W confronted me when she came home from counseling and said she knew what I was doing. I was a bit confused and asked what she ment, she said your playing a game and using a guide to try get things better I found it on the computer. I told her this is not a game and I'm doing this to make me a better person. W tells me why now are you doing this, I said I need to be a better person. She tells me she is angry that I'm doing this now. I validate her feelings and let her do most of the talking. She starts to cry. I hold her in ny arms hugging her. I'm being a friend and just listening to her. She tells me you told me before you would change and it didn't happen why should I believe you now. I validate her feelings by saying I can see why you would think that and I apologize for what I have done. she begans to cry some more and I hold her again. She does allow me to hold her, she leaned into me. I did ramble on. My question is she now knows the rules by sandie. Does this hurt me her knowing.

Me 46
W 38
Her S-14
MY D-11
2/13/14 W-Filed D