My post should say "his UNhappiness is not my fault" iPhone typing is not my strong suit. Also I wanted to clarify that being cold could push him away but so will pursuing. The last thing he wants is to feel pressured to make a choice before he is ready and chances are the one who is putting pressure on him will be the one he runs away from. That's why you really have to let go of the need to know what will happen right now. I know it is scary, that uncertainty, but if you just trust that things will work out for the best then you can put all your attention into working in you.

40s 2teens M14Y
BD-10/12/13 rec-1/14
BD2-5/14 rec2-9/14
EA disc-10/14 4/15-BD 3 and triangulation ensues
Served with D6/15 MS forced to leave7/15
D agreement signed 8/16 final 5/17