I m glad S is off the table for you MS.

I am living back at home but still S and just waiting to see what her next move is, but I am not letting myself worry about it as much as I can.

I have suspicions of an A but nothing concrete and I have not asked because it is not necessarily a dealbreaker.

My W has said no to counseling of any type so that makes it a little tough.

I just keep trying to follow DB principles and Praying W sees all that Im doing for myself is working and will stick. She has mentioned the things I am doing so she knows but she is not happy about it. Im sure it is the "why now, and not before" question that is troubling her

I think your advice^^^ is very sound.

Me 47/W 34
T 16 M 13
No kids
BD 6/2013
W asked that I move out 6/2013
I moved back and W is upset with this 12/2013
separate beds not much talking
Served D Complaint 5/2014
W moved out 9/27/2014