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If is it just small talk be conscious of what you are saying and then think of something else to do and go do it.

Good point!

Well this weekend was my birthday. I had dinner plans with a friend on Saturday night. Lunch at my parents on Sunday and then dinner with a friend and her family on Sunday night. I kept busy!

What annoyed me about H was his aloofness about it all. He kept saying, “Have fun!”, “It’s good for you to get out”. When I would get back, he would rush up to ask, “Did you have fun?” When I was home, he would be super nice, ask me if I wanted a cup of coffee or if he can run out and buy me some soft drink, or to step out for a smoke with him, every time he went out. If I turned him down (happened twice), he would say, “You don’t have to? I was just asking” with a tone, catching himself and then say, “sorry, I’m not mad...” Right after BD, I would do all the household chores. I acted as if he was not there and did not ask for help. As of Saturday, he is chipping in, feeding the animals, and taking the dog out, shoveling snow (??). I attributed his lack of motivation to his depression. However, this weekend was different. He was more “up”, involved, and curious. I do not know if he is doing this because he is trying to be nice or if he feels that if he IS nice, the blow will be less to my ego. Agghh!! So frustrating! I know I should not worry about what he does or why but sometimes, I wish I was a mind reader...

I should keep my guard up cause when there is a high, there should be another low. Right now, I am trying hard not to get too comfortable or caught up in it all, because I really believe there is an ulterior motive for all this…

Me: 36
H: 36
No kids
EA/PA confirmed: 02-Jan-2014
Separate bedrooms/still living together