I am not the best person to give advice on this because like you I also have a problem with over talking.

It depends what the topic is. If H is sharing his feelings with you it is ok listen and then validate those feelings I believe.

If is it just small talk be conscious of what you are saying and then think of something else to do and go do it.

You can always come back later and see if he wants to talk but this way it lets H know that you are not following him around or just standing there thinking of things to say.

Don't know if this helps.

Me 47/W 34
T 16 M 13
No kids
BD 6/2013
W asked that I move out 6/2013
I moved back and W is upset with this 12/2013
separate beds not much talking
Served D Complaint 5/2014
W moved out 9/27/2014