Happy Birthday early!!

Your previous post struck a chord with me. I, like you, had big plans for "us" this year as well as last actually but S and W put an end to last year.

I have no proof but have suspicions about EA/PA.

Next week will be tough for me Because our troubles came to light last year the day after I finally asked my W to have a baby with me. I thought everything would be great till I got the "roommate" talk. After all it was her that always wanted kids. I did too but I was stupid about and thought we had to wait till debt was lower. I really needed a 2 x 4 on this about 10 years ago but I was an a$$. If she would have agreed to a baby next week would have been full term date.

In the two or three R talks she initiated I reconfirmed my desire to have a baby with W. She kept saying why couldn't I have told her sooner? I really didn't know the answer till I moved back home. I told her why I thought I didn't tell her sooner but I am sure she was not believing a word of it.

The only thing that is a "saving grace" if there is such a thing in all this is I asked her before troubles came to light so she knows I am not just saying this to get her to come back.

She admitted back in Aug her desire to still have a family. I backslid and told her it is right here waiting for her. All she said was "Its too late, why couldn't you tell me sooner and you are just telling me what I want to hear."

I have not brought the subject up since but I hope I am able to put on a Happy face and have a PMA through next week.

I apologize for talking about myself in this post. I started writing before I caught up on your sitch. I am going back to read it now.

Me 47/W 34
T 16 M 13
No kids
BD 6/2013
W asked that I move out 6/2013
I moved back and W is upset with this 12/2013
separate beds not much talking
Served D Complaint 5/2014
W moved out 9/27/2014