The more you can act like things don't bother you, especially this early in the process, the better off you will be later. Don't make him feel responsible for your emotional state (even if he is the main factor in it).

It sounds like he crossed boundary #2 and got rewarded with a nice dinner. Did he ever say where he was or why he didn't call? This was a sticky subject in my M too so I can sympathize with you. Don't lay down boundaries you aren't willing to enforce. Its a subtle difference but the boundaries are to protect you, not to control him.

Be careful who you tell. He should be careful who he tells as well (though you can't really suggest this to him). The more people on either side that know, the added stress if/when you attempt to reconcile.

Me:38 W:39
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BD: 5/13
EA/PA Confirmed: 7/13
W Moved out 12/13