Now I'm in trouble with Voldy. She texted me the other night asking whether I thought it appropriate for her to talk to D16's Head Coach. D15 had a horrible year in gymnastics last year and has been somewhat unenthusiastic this current year. I said I thought it would be appropriate to let the coach know that D16 needs a little more encouragement from her coaches. So Voldy did this after the parent meeting the other night. Head coach emailed me and asked whether I thought it would be OK to move D16 up to a higher level of competition and outlined the reasons for this. I spoke to Voldy and Ok'd it with her. I informed Head Coach and said it was up to D16. So Head Coach talked to D16 tonight about this proposal which she accepted happily. When I picked her up she asked if we had spoken to Head Coach. I said we had let HC know that she, D16, may need a little encouragement this year and HC had proposed a move up in level. So Voldy texts me at midnight roasting my ass for telling D16 that she had spoken to HC. Apparently D16 had discussed her feelings re gymnastics this year with her Mom and felt betrayed that HC knew how she felt. I reponded to Voldy by saying "I did not know you had spoken to D16 at all and D16 asked me whether we had talked to HC. I told her we felt she maybe needed a little more encouragement from the coaches this year and HC suggested a move up in level. I stressed "we" and did not single you out at any time. Sorry if this caused an issue." Um, if she doesn't want D16 to know then maybe she should tell me considering she knows I do not lie to my children. I certainly presented the talk as "we" not Mom. It was a joint decision. Now D16 says she will never tell Mom anything ever again and this, of course, is my fault according to Voldy. Isn't life grand!

Divorced February 27, 2012.

"Only by love is love awakened".~ Ellen G White