OK, after discussing the sitch with D19 I have given her my permission to drop the course. The course work is incredibly time consuming and it's only a half credit course. She feels the week to week demands of the course will bring down her other marks. Both she and I want her to feel positive and to build her confidence a little at a time. In the past two days the available spots in the course have gone from 70 to 80 which indicates a few others are bailing too. So, if she drops it, she will still have finished more than the required credits for first year. I've told her my only concern is that she doesn't think that she can bail whenever anything gets a bit tough. I told her that she talks the talk real good but she needs to walk the walk too. I've left it to her to decide, she knows better than I as to what is too demanding and what is not. I told her she will need to go over this with her mother as well. We shall see. She spent a few hours at the library reading while I went out and did some photography. After a few hours I went and got her and brought her down to the park I was shooting at to sit and enjoy a bit of the afternoon. Life goes on.

Divorced February 27, 2012.

"Only by love is love awakened".~ Ellen G White