Wii)))))))) battle buddy! you are a hoot, ha ha... dating profile gem I saw yesterday, guy's username is "damagedgoods"... under "what have you learned from your past relationships" he mentioned that nothing good came out of it only pain. Mentioned he his wife took his 2 boys and left and accused him of abuse. Honey, TMI for a profile, you are not ready for another R if you learned nothing. Boy did I want to write to this guy but he prob would've thought I was interested, ha ha.
I'm currently on a freeby month of christian cafe dot com. Saw a guy with the exact same things I like, some lines where even the same from mine! He tried to reply to my email but did not know how, so far he has not tried again. I'm trying hard not to check it often, I don't want to be turn needy or desperate, lol.

Sorry for the long "me" post, I really am glad to see you, I never come here anymore. Mainly I got no time, trying to make ends meet and dealing with the kids. BTW, i am SDA too, lol, she should lay up on the pepsi, you either have to believe it's bad for you or not. Just drink water too ok? he he.

Voldy, LOL

Be not afraid...I will repay you for the years the locusts have eaten Joel2

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I have peace in my heart, at last.