Well, when I got home last night after my church small group, D19 tells me that she's behind in her Roman Culture readings and they are each 150 pgs in length. She thought there was only one per class and has found out there are three. She's telling me she wants to drop the course and take another one next term (yeah, dream on!) I told her that if she keeps dropping courses she will never graduate and maybe she just needs to buck up and just do it rather than looking for ways out. This was the course she switched to earlier despite my concerns about switching classes and falling behind...and guess what happened! Anyway, she told me after venting that she was going to keep the class and babbled on about a bunch of university gobblygook that I have no comprehension of. Anyway, today I am taking her to a library where she can sit and read for three or four hours and is away from distractions. OMG, does it ever end!!! Well, I had a week of peace anyway.

Divorced February 27, 2012.

"Only by love is love awakened".~ Ellen G White