Voldy just called and she wanted to talk to D19. I told her that D19 wouldn't be home till about 11 pm, as she had a class until 8 pm. So, we talked a bit about how university is going for D19. Voldy says "you seem to be very involved with her and her schooling. Is there something that you're doing that I should be repeating?" Um, stop being a ballistic bitch! OK, that was bad lol. I didn't say that. I just told her that I ask a lot of questions like "what are you doing to keep up your readings like you are? How are you making that happen?" I use a lot of Solution Focused counselling stuff with her when we talk. It was nice to hear Voldy actually compliment me on the way I'm dealing with D19 ...but how much she can carry on in that vein remains to be seen. So far I've handled all the tough stuff and feel I've done pretty well. I try to make sure I tell her that I love her and am proud of her. I never got that growing up and it's always been something I've tried to make sure my kids do hear.
Anyway, tonight I was busy making Pumpkin tofu cheesecake and Avocado muffins with gluten free flour. My new food processor rocks lol!

Divorced February 27, 2012.

"Only by love is love awakened".~ Ellen G White