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Just answered this question and thought I would also post the answer here so I could find the answer again if someone needs it.
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I do have one question that is related to board operations and not to my situation.

Is there any way that I can set it up to receive e-mail notification when there are new posts in threads that I am following?

OK I have been researching this question as I do not use this function but it DOES work.

I have just tested it and got my first e-mail from DB.

Let me see if I can explain it.

There are quite a few steps to set it all up.

1) At the top of your topic it says - New Reply - and then another box that says topic options.

There is a drop down menu and one of the choices is to "Add topic to your Watched Topics" - select that.

Then go to "MY STUFF" and click on "WATCH LISTS"
Then another page comes up and you must click on "Watched Topics"
and then "Edit Watched Topics"

Then you will get a choice of
E-Mail Notification

Select Immediately
Then at the bottom hit

That should set it up correctly,
it is working for me. Good Luck!

Cadet (or others)
Realize it's been a long time since you posted this, but I'm stuck.....

First, the "add topic to your Watched Topics" doesn't work, as it does not show up in my watch list. Is that because I'm new?

Second, when I want to check email notification, the only option I see is to get notification for a whole forum like "For Newcomers" and not the individual thread like "Newbies introduce yourself /moderation notes" which I'd like to follow. Is there an option for this?


Re-read my instructions above, you must use the "TOPIC OPTIONS" dropdown first.

I was just able to add that topic to my list.
You must first go in the topic and then use the dropdown menu, and it added right to my list.

It is also possible that you need a minimum of 10 posts for this to work, I am not sure about that part.

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