I've been thinking lately about what I want and need. Do I want or need a relationship? I'm leaning towards the no side at the moment. Relationships require a lot of time, energy and commitment and I'm not sure I want that in my life at this time. I'm quite enjoying doing what I want (as much as a guy with two teenage daughters can do that) and developing my interests. I like getting up on a Saturday morning and asking myself "what do you want to do today?" I don't have to think about what activity I'm going to do with someone else unless I choose to. I've been enjoying photography this summer. I go different places and play with my camera and see what comes up. It's helping me to really see all the beauty that surrounds us everyday in all things. I've been a having a blast learning and cooking vegetarian recipes (and driving my tofu adverse friends nuts on FB with photos or my creations lol). My energy is returning. I'm using something called Zyflamend, which my supervisor told me about. It's a natural anti-inflammatory with stuff like green tea, ginger, tumeric, Oregano and a bunch of other herbs. It's been amazing. Socially, I see who I want to see. Last night I was at a friends house and we were cooking some dishes for a family we're trying to help through a hard time, tonight I'm going to our church service and afterwards, a friend and I are going to drop off the meals. Tomorrow night my small group is attending a small group season launch at our church. I'm busy. I want Do I miss having someone special in my life? Sometimes. But, for now I'm happy being me and we'll go from there. And hey, it's football season...how much better can life get than that!

Divorced February 27, 2012.

"Only by love is love awakened".~ Ellen G White