I went to see Joel Osteen last night on his Night of Hope tour. I took my sister as I thought she might benefit from his message. All of us can, really. He ended with "you are a victor, not a victim". He talked about how God won't give you your dreams if you don't do anything first! He said you need to give God your ashes so that he can give you your dreams...or something like that. He mentioned how we all have pictures going through our heads all day and don't realize we have the remote and can change the channel. He said, most of us just pull up a chair, pop some popcorn and have a field day rehashing our hurts and disappointments. He talked about a lady who went through a difficult divorce and after a few years she met a wonderful man but after a while he ended the relationship. He told Joel that she was still so enmeshed in talking about her hurts and betrayals etc that he just couldn't take it any more. She had her "dream" but the ashes of the past hadn't been handed over to God. Yes, very true.
Anyway, it was a wonderful 2.5 hours and well worth the $15 smile I'm now looking for a Joel Osteen Chia Pet that will grow hair for me just like his lol.
Hey, we are victors, not victims!

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