Hi Peace,

Let it be between he and your kids. This is part of the consequences of his decisions. You may choose to act " as if ". Just go ahead with your plans and try and enjoy the time with your kids, and not have him watching or in the same area as you.

Your husband is in the anger and resentment stage, so he's not into noticing anything positive about you right now. Just try and become mysterious. Think about how he has not told you where he's going, what he'll be doing, and do the same. He needs a TON of space right now, treat him like a neighbor. Pleasant enough, but not share your personal feelings, or everything that's going on inside of you. You are just starting out, and he sounds hostile. Back off, and get in your own rhythm. Start exercising it can save your sanity, gives you endorphins ( nature's anti-depressant ) will clear your head and release stress, while also allowing you to sleep better! Start reading, and then look for an activity or three to get your mind elsewhere!

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