Peace, is he still living with you or has he moved out? My marriage had the same problem, I lacked the intimacy that my H desired. Mine was low libido and repeated bouts of thrush. We also slept in separate rooms as my H snored and kept me awake.
All I can tell you to do is have patience, follow Sandi's rules at the top of the newcomers page and read divorce busting and divorce remedy.
Without knowing more about the current sitch, I can't advise you further, sorry. Hopefully others on here will be able to advise you further smile

H47 me48
T22 M21
S20 - Got high functioning autism
3/2000 H admits to OW and moves out to live with her
11/2000 H moves back home
2/4/13 H moves out
H tells me he wants D 6/13, but now he can't afford to!