You must be feeling miserable right now. On the bright side he has opened up and actually shared with you that something is wrong! I know you probably think I'm crazy right now, but he is sharing with you that things need to change! Most men do this in their heads and then one day...kablooey! He is still under the same roof, and he is still having relations with you! These are two positives. There are a lot of marriage books . I'm waiting on Divorce Remedy, but am in the middle of many books. His Needs Her Needs is a good one, that may give you some insight. Also, you may benefit from the Gottman Institue web site. He sounds angry and as if he is holding some resentment...even though he says two years, the fact that he is verbalizing now may be him getting closer to taking action. Time is of the essence, start reading ! I didn't get such an in your face message, my spouse just gave me a sentence here and there, and I didn't understand that there was much more going on in his head. Keep posting and venting!

MLC=[censored] to be him

empathy: putting myself in his shoes and fighting like Hell for our marriage

" I will see you again...this is not where it ends..."