Hey dawn. I think your question is one you need to answer. What is it that you want?

If you decide that you would like to see where this goes with your h, then you have to be prepared for a few things.

I agree that the reason he quit his job may be a combination of those things you said.

And really, it doesnt matter that he had to leave his job in order to leave her. Remember, he is in crisis. They can barely think straight.

Sometimes, when they are faced with a date like the one you gave him, it could jolt them into realizing that they may really lose you.

And that it is something they do not want.

But that doesnt mean he is out of the woods yet. And so, you need to get yourself together, figure out what you want and be prepared for some stuff.

He is likely going to have some withdrawal from the ow. He is likely going to be a bit depressed.

Your job is still to give him space and work on you. He needs to figure this out for himself.

If you decide to give him a chance, you have to be strong here, sweetie.

This part isnt for the faint of heart.

So, sit with all this for a bit. Roll it around in your head.

And you might have to ask TVS for some popcorn.

We are here for you.