DFE, I very much love my husband but I can't say I'm in love with him anymore. I am also doing this for my family. He has done this to me more than once so even if he did come back I'd have a very difficult time with trust.

With respect to 180s not everyone can apply 180s in the same way. 180 is the mathematical representation of turning around or doing something on the opposite spectrum. So if your normal thing is not to be affectionate or say I love you then I would say your 180 can include "I love you". Same thing goes with going dark. If you're usually dark and distant then maintaining that would not be a 180. I think I'm correct on that but vets please feel free to jump in.

Me 35 H 34
DS- newborn 8/13
T 8.5 M 7
H's EA - 10/11
DBing 6/13
Don't know WTF to do 1/14