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Sorry limbo, I try not to log in much over the weekends, I just need to take a break from it all here and there.

It sounds like your doing a lot of projecting on the situation, meaning you/we need to get better at the detachment. If any thoughts start off with "He did this ...." or "He did that...", then your thinking about it too much.

When you get it down, that will be more like "I did XXXXX today"
I know how hard it is to keep focused, heck I've blown it so many times with my patience. But hang tough, let time work its magic.

Thanks. Tips like this is what I need. A lot of times I don't notice stuff. So in working on me. Knowing and hearing these little things im doing from another person's view of me is helpful.

Me 35/H 34
M 11/T 18
D 22 lives alone
D 17 at home
S 12 at home
Bomb #1 01/13 He moved out