GAL = Get A Life.

The idea of GAL is to start building a new life for yourself, one that doesn't revolve around your husband.
It helps build self esteem and makes you more ofvan interesting oerson, there by making your husband more intrigued as to how the 'new' you is or would be in a 'new' marriage.

What are your kids opinions or comments or concerns over what is happening between you?

You need to find ways to change the dynamic between the two if you.

Im not an expert, and I hope some of the more knowledgeable people jump in soon to help you. Im just trying to get you started on thinking of....

What went wrong...

What you would have done differently....

And thrtefore what you can do differently FROM THIS DAY FORWARD.

Be patient. im sure the veterans will be on your thread soon to offer their help.

Stay strong. Your situation is not as dire as most on here...

Me, H-34 now 38
W-32 now 35
T-13 now 18 years
M-6 now 9
Daughter 3 years now 7
Bomb 11/27/12 - OM
1 year in house separation
Reconciliation 12/2013. Healed now 2017