Hi. I am new to this site and I am miserable. I am currently writing this while I am lying next to a man I do not know anymore. We have been married for 18 years. We have always been a really tight couple but 3 years ago my husband lost his job and took a job that sees him traveling every week out of the country to fun foreign places. At first it was ok but I hate it. Gradually we lost contact with friends and family. And then he stopped saying he loved me that frequently. Then in April he told me he could see us separating after the kids graduated in the next 6 years. Then in May he told me that he would never forgive me for the career mistakes HE made in our marriage. Then a week later he told me he just doesn't love me anymore but he is going to try for the next two years until our oldest daughter graduates. But then if it doesn't work by then he is leaving me because he has always wanted to live alone and it would give me time to remarry while I am young. However he wants to have sex all the time. More than ever. He is seriously depressed about his job but then the next day argues how great it is. I just say nothing. He spends all his time learning french. I took the girls on vacation because he was working and he mad a huge deal about how great it was to be alone but all he did was drink . Since I got back he told me that I have 20 months to get my self together or he is leaving. But I have no idea what I am supposed to be doing. He can't tell me one thing. He has been cruel to me and is lavishing attention on our youngest child. Now I am stuck at his parents house with him for two weeks. In private he is complaining how miserable he is and how he didnt want to come. And being overall cruel and cold to me but In Front of his parents he is being nice and like his old self. I am just so sad as I see this person I love so much being cruel and cold and really mean to me. I really need help here.

Fighting for my life
W=45 H=38
Bomb Dropped = 5/10/13
Still in house for I guess another two years according to him.