Yes , my signature is accurate. There have been great times . The finances have dwindled which led us to begin blaming and building all sorts of resentments against one another. I am one who is like the matriarch of my family losing my mom two years ago and being the oldest of three girls. I've always took care of my family both immediate and extended. He began to not like my attention focused on anything outside of him.

We've always been each others backbone on things and this remains true today. We just have not made the move to say we will continue to work on this marriage. We have separate houses..but yet still basicly live together. When I try to go stay at my home he uses every opportunity to get me over to his. It's crazy. He has never been one who can discuss matters of the heart. Things are to just keep moving along and I no longer want to operate that way.

There was a lot of arguing over petty stuff, stone walling, and so on. Then he just up one day and said he was leaving. I'd told him several times before if you are this unhappy just friggin leave, so finally he did.
We went two months dark. I started talking to lawyers. He caught wind of it through his mom and asked that I not do that so early. I advised him that im not going to be one ofc those couples who go years living separately but still married. Well it seems thats where im headed.

Me 35/H 34
M 11/T 18
D 22 lives alone
D 17 at home
S 12 at home
Bomb #1 01/13 He moved out