Brand new to thid forum. A good friend of mine from another forum suggested I come here. I am.in such a confusing situation. My H wont communicate about us since we've been separated. Only once after I went NC for about 2 months. Now we live day to day as a married couple living separately and im getting pretty fed up. I love him but his learning how to tell me what he feels is a deal breaker for me. He seems to be ok with how things are. He calls me at least 8-9 times a day. If I leave his apt and go home he does whatever it takes to get me back to his apt. We have frequent sex until hbp recently started causing ED . When i try and detach there's a problem...but yet he told me 6 months ago when I asked hom what we were doing and he said he's done. My life is in limbo. I want my marriage, but im also not gonna hang around forever. He cant talk about matters of the heart. He shuts down. Always has. If the marriage is worth saving I want to do just that. If not, I.need to know the indicators of what is telling me to move on. Everyone says his actions show he still loves me and wants to be with me. All I can see is someone being very stubborn and immature.

Me 35/H 34
M 11/T 18
D 22 lives alone
D 17 at home
S 12 at home
Bomb #1 01/13 He moved out