Just do nothing, let her do all the pursuing. It does get easier, I promise smile Once you GAL of your own, she is pushed to the back of your mind and you'll probably find that she starts ringing you up more. At this point, don't take anything she says or does for granted. There will be a lot of baby steps along the way. Take each baby step as a step in the right direction. The only time that you can start pursuing her again is the time she tells you that she really wants you back smile That time may not come for you or me, which is why we need to work on ourselves and find a life without our spouses in it. She is going to have to work around you now, not the other way around!
Have you got kids? I can't remember. If you have you must spend the time you've got with them happy and full of fun!

H47 me48
T22 M21
S20 - Got high functioning autism
3/2000 H admits to OW and moves out to live with her
11/2000 H moves back home
2/4/13 H moves out
H tells me he wants D 6/13, but now he can't afford to!