The WAS seem to have a lot of characteristics in common. Nobody understands what the LBS goes through unless they have been there themselves. That's why people can sometimes sound insensitive. I am sure your friend wasn't trying to hurt you. It's just we are super sensitive right now.

I agree it shouldn't have been repeated to you. It doesn't do any good. What purpose does it serve? Again people don't understand what we are going through. I feel like they think we are dumb and can't see what is going on. On the contrary. We see what's happening and struggle with it daily. We also see the bigger picture. We see that breaking up a home and family isn't always the best choice. And that if one spouse is in turmoil and not making the best decisions it doesn't mean we shouldn't stand up for our families and do what we know is right.

Kids 2
Reconciled 05/06
Moved back 03/13
Separated Again 06/24/13
Back Again (his choice) 02/14
Leaving again 03/23/14