I agree with everything you say DFE smile I don't believe in D either, I take my marriage vows seriously. I also want my family back together again and I think that my son does as well. My son has high functioning autism, so he finds change hard. He is trying to plan our summer holidays together, but I also need to sort out my finances. The local council is being awkward about my benefits and I've got to produce a load of stuff they want. When I said that I've a lot to sort out since H had left, my son said I hate this! I said so do I but it has to be done! He's got his friend coming round next Friday so that's cheered him up smile
My H also suffers from anxiety and depression. You mustn't blame yourself for his depression, it's a chemical imbalance in his brain. My H tried to blame me for his depression, but I don't buy it! I know he's going through a MLC as well, he's even said that he's a 25 year old trapped in a 48 year olds body.

H47 me48
T22 M21
S20 - Got high functioning autism
3/2000 H admits to OW and moves out to live with her
11/2000 H moves back home
2/4/13 H moves out
H tells me he wants D 6/13, but now he can't afford to!