TryingToDo180 it's not so much loving him but keeping my family together. Although I do love him this is the third time he has done this to me. Granted we never resolved the issues from the first time and life just took over but I am still angry and it still hurts. However I have two kids and a family with him. P,us we own a very successful business together. So to answer your question I do love him but I am angry and haven't forgiven him. I just want to put my family back together. One of my boys is very attached to his daddy. He comes downstairs alone in the morning looking for his dad and sits on the couch alone waiting for him. It breaks my heart. I don't want to see them hurt.

My H suffers from anxiety and depression or maybe I am the cause of his depression. I also never got over our first separation and was always expecting him to leave. We have lost the friendship and I now see where I didn't treat him right. He's a good guy just confused as heck. I don't believe in divorce and will fight for my family.

Kids 2
Reconciled 05/06
Moved back 03/13
Separated Again 06/24/13
Back Again (his choice) 02/14
Leaving again 03/23/14