I think it does smile Since applying DB rules and Sandi's rules my H has become more curious as to what I'm up to. He is the one now who is pursuing me. Slowly but surely though. I talk about a future without him in it, because that is what he wants to hear at the moment. For instance, he was looking to get rid of some stuff out of his "office". I asked him to move it to the spare room so it can be a games room for our son. He thought this was a great idea and came round one day last week and moved it all. Our son loves his new room and can't wait to have his friends over to play video games in it smile
I used to find excuses to ring him, now the only time I get in touch with him is when it's to do with our son. Today he rang me twice! He's picking up our son tomorrow, so there was no need to ring me.
I didn't think it was going to work either. I thought it would drive him further away but it doesn't smile He left to have more space away from me and that's what I'm giving him, loads of it!
Don't knock it until you've tried it, give it 2 weeks and see what happens! Let me know how things develop smile Good luck smile

H47 me48
T22 M21
S20 - Got high functioning autism
3/2000 H admits to OW and moves out to live with her
11/2000 H moves back home
2/4/13 H moves out
H tells me he wants D 6/13, but now he can't afford to!