I found out my W was having an affair with a co-worker, it's been going on since February. OM is 17yrs younger than she is. When I confronted her about it she told me that she doesn't want to work on our marriage and still wants to see him. She has left and is currently living with him in South Central LA. We have twins daughters that are 15. She has always told the girls to honest and never keep anything form us. The girls don't understand what's going on, they have always seen us being affectionate with each other and we never had big knock down fights. they know she's not being honest. I started with a coach and I do love my wife. I know that I've been lacking in the relationship, because of my work schedule. I don't know if she's having a MLC, but I just can't get her off my mind. I'll have to see what happens but I don't know how long I can wait. This is killing me.