Great list! I'd say don't get rid of any of the rules, they are there for a reason! I fully understand why number 10 has to be there, I sometimes have a go and look at H's facebook page to see if there's any activity on there (he doesn't go on that much!) or he's added someone else. It is tormenting and I should really delete him off my fb page but for some reason I can't bring myself to do this just yet!
My H is going to see a solicitor sometime in July to start the divorce proceedings. He was going to see her in June, but he delayed it for a month as he felt I wasn't talking to him! (this was when I first started the LRT). Hopefully by keeping up with this list and the LRT, he may delay it again if he thinks I'm still not talking to him! I've just got to find a way for him to realise I'm not talking to him as much on the phone as there's always some reason I've got to phone him and it is urgent things that can't wait! He wanted me to phone him tonight to let him know how my son did in his exams, but I wanted a night off smile
Since starting the LRT/180 list and now Sandi's list, H is now contacting me more and trying to interact more with me. Last Saturday he ended up helping run a stall at the Church fete when originally he was only going to be there to pick up our son. He bought me a burger, a cupcake and a mug of coffee. Well there's progress for you!
I was confused about the bar scene rule, but after having it explained then I can understand that! You don't have to be in a bar though. I went out with my friend on Sunday and when I got back home my H was waiting for me. He was talking to me, but because I'd had a couple of drinks I wasn't that bothered when he started talking negatively to me. In fact I wasn't really interested at all in what he had to say!
I'm not perfect! When he first told me he was filing for D, I begged and pleaded with him. I did a whole load of things that the list tells you not to do! I've learnt since smile