I texted ow. She says she broke it off in July. She said shes been in a serious relationship since then.I asked her why continued contact. She said they had a lot in common. She said the texts were brief. I told her what she did to my family and how she did what she claims her ex husband did. That is to lie and betray. I called her cruel. She said she's not cruel and she told me things from her side and she has no feeling for my h like that. I ended the conversation by saying she was cold, lying and deceitful.

My h told me he lied about dinner with her because he talked to the atty who told him to say nothing. My h won't leave because he can't afford it. Doesnt want to stay at his moms cuz her sistet is dyiing and shes already stressed out. he dorsnt want to add this to the mix.He told me he took the money out of that investment acct to pay bills and the company had to mail it. He told me he would show me the check. That it was for a couple thousand.H told me me it was like he's been liviming in an illusion. He cried this morning because he's under terrible pressure at work and because of all the wayps he failed. FINALLY I see some remorse! He hated that he cried. I told hm I should be able to see that and it shows some sincerity . Cuz he rarely cried . Thinks its weak. Said he is not contesting the divorce and is begging for another chance. Promises to make changes. I still love this man