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Somehow I am able to not take this personally.

Are you sure about that? Because if that was the case, I don't think you would have called him 3 times and tried to out him in his lie. You've got to detach and get off his roller coaster.

Do WAS ever repent and show remorse? When?

Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't. The real question isn't if and when that will happen, the real question is can you forgive him and let go? Because you have to do that, not for him but for YOU. Re-read the chapter in DR on forgiveness, it's not about actually telling him you forgive him, it's more about an internal decision you make.

H looks pretty bad right now. never seen him look more worn out and old.

This is often the case. The WAS is not happy inside, they are usually confused and in turmoil. Add to that the complications of trying to keep a bunch of lies juggling in the air like your H is doing and it can really wear a person down.

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