Hi, notsure,

I decided to come onto this forum b/c it fits where I'm at. My H is in a very intense EA w OW now for about a year. He claims he is "in love" w her and not w me and that he needs to follow his heart.

He moved out 2 1/2 months ago. I am devastated of course. We've been M for 17 yrs and have 3 boys.

Our sitchs seem similar. My H seemed so unhappy at home for the past year and I thought he was depressed and in MLC and "lost." Since he's moved out he has shown renewed interest in our kids and seems happier somehow...not towards me at all, but like he feels this is the life he needs to have now.

It is so very selfish of WAS to just put themselves first and disregard everyone else in their life.

What do you think has helped you start to move forward w your life? I am struggling to get there or even take baby steps forward at all.

M- 18 T-21
S-14,11 & 10
BD 6-18-2012 (OW-EA)
H moved out 11-3-2012
10-5-13 Me- I want a divorce. I want to move on w my life.
11-25-13 Jointly filed.