As a newcomer I LOVE this post. My husband keeps telling me it is over and that I shouldn't think this is salvageable. I did things wrong until finding this site. I was begging and pleading; emailing and texting; would basically lick the floor if he asked me to do so. I am pathetic.
There is a list a mile long of names he has called me and trying to "drill" it in my head "it is over, just except it". Boy do I wish I could. But I can't and that is what brought me here.

To be able to read these "rules" over and over have helped so much. When he does say those things, it gives me hope that he doesn't mean it. It hurts so bad that it is unbearable and I feel like I could explode. Now I can just read this and feel better.

Thanks again!!!

Me: 40 H: 44
M:3 years T: 4 years
Me: S9, D7
H: SS8; Twins: SD1=10 and SD2=10
Both married before.