Well thank you Starsky for that advice. Yes you are correct in assuming that we had sex......But I've already made up my mind that he can't have me while he's with her anymore. I plan to do like I did from end September onward which is take care of me, exercise, look good, and don't show him how I'm really hurting. You know, a person does get lonely and that's one of the reasons I was "easy" with him. I also thought that he'd snap to his senses and see that I'm the one for him and not her! What a big mistake that was. With this last episode of him back and not back and back and gone again, well it put me into a real funk; just like he did 6 months ago when he left the first time. He just wasn't ready to come back, being she threw him out.

Now she threw him out twice for being with me. I kind of thought that if he was with me again that she would finally give up her conquest to have him and he'd be out again. Why would a man risk his "new love" to be with the wife? She's got all the $$$ and he's very comfy there. What's that all about??

So I know, it'll be lonely and it'll be a not-so-good holiday season for me, besides spending it with family, but I do have boundaries and will just wait to be intimate with him again. He can't have both of us!

2 S, 1 D
2 Gr. Ch.
T 20 YRS
M 17 YRS
Caught H and OW 5/25/12
H Left 6/5/12

"Do not regret growing older...It is a privilege denied to many."