I agree, there are good days and there are bad days. The hardest time is right now! We keep getting christmas cards from everyone with a picture of the couple and their kids and all in love and happy. My wife keeps sticking them to the fridge. In her little world she has found love now and is happy, but doesn't realize that I don't want to see that right now. Or maybe she does and she is doing it on purpose, who knows.

It is also my birthday on Januray 1st and for 14 years I have spent that magical moment of new years with my wife, the love of my life. She says she has no plans with OM yet, but i can just sense that she will not be spending that moment with my this year. So, i will be all alone for that moment! Or, I will go out to some club and hang out with some random girl for that moment =).

Me, H-34 now 38
W-32 now 35
T-13 now 18 years
M-6 now 9
Daughter 3 years now 7
Bomb 11/27/12 - OM
1 year in house separation
Reconciliation 12/2013. Healed now 2017