NiceGuy....that was a good one! I was working on myself and getting myself together and looking good when when he did notice me and we did get together. Too bad he didn't drop the OW at that time too. So when I think about it I have to say to myself that unless he gives her up completely, I cannot just come in and out of his life at his matter what his little friend says! I was thinking at my low time that maybe because she has $$$ that she will win the whole prize. I think if I let them be, and this could be a lonnngggg winter, that whatever she has will be meaningless to him when considering everything and everyone. I know that $$ to me isn't everything; that eventually you have to deal with the "person" and no money in the whole world can make you love anyone. Am I clear and am I right? I think so.

Some days I'm good, like today it seems so far, and then other days I'm just sad. For everyone here I hope that people can find peace this holiday season and do like I'm doing....working on me!

2 S, 1 D
2 Gr. Ch.
T 20 YRS
M 17 YRS
Caught H and OW 5/25/12
H Left 6/5/12

"Do not regret growing older...It is a privilege denied to many."