Snookee, I am a recent LBS, just 3 weeks into this. I have done a lot of reading of posts on here and it seems that there are no guarantees or rules as to who comes back. It does seem to me though that when the WAS is a man, it seems they are more likely to come back. Men don't seem to like breaking up families and also at some point just 'want that old thing back' if you know what I mean. Women however, seem to be much more hard headed about coming back. Perhaps it is because they don't leave until they are truely done with the relationship.

Work on yourself! You know the deal. New haircut, new sexy style, new perfume, new attitude. You can do it! Men are very much driven by their little friend and so he will notice quickly if you suddenly make all these changes.

Me, H-34 now 38
W-32 now 35
T-13 now 18 years
M-6 now 9
Daughter 3 years now 7
Bomb 11/27/12 - OM
1 year in house separation
Reconciliation 12/2013. Healed now 2017