I'm in that same mode where I'm wondering if there is even a chance that he will quit the OW and come home. He had the chance to do that a month ago due to her throwing him out for being with his wife. It wasn't his choice and he went back. I have totally detached and I'm trying to get through the holidays without him. It's not even Christmas for me. How do I not get a gift for him or a card? This is tough and I'm not going to show him how I hurt. 6 months ago I would have begged and cried. I know better now what not to do. But do they really come back is what I'm searching for.

2 S, 1 D
2 Gr. Ch.
T 20 YRS
M 17 YRS
Caught H and OW 5/25/12
H Left 6/5/12

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