I've dipped my toe in the dating waters and am friends with several divorced people. So, I'm no expert but maybe can offer a few thoughts.

Is this your first relationship after your separation/divorce? If so, your gf may be nervous about being your rebound. I get that you aren't bouncing straight from your ex-wife to her...but she still may be worried that your head is clouded or you don't know what you want yet.

I'd give her some space (omg, isn't it insane to start thinking you have to DB again? :-) ) One of my happiest married friends dated her second husband three times before they finally decided to get engaged. If she's right for you, she'll come back (and potentially with renewed commitment towards you)

I'd also keep in mind that if you found her pretty easily and made a strong connection, you are likely going to find someone else if she doesn't work out. You sound like you handled this new relationship really well and are able to love in a healthy way. If there's something she isn't feeling for you or isn't attracted to, better to figure it out now and move on. Your heart will heal much faster from this than it did from your marriage.

Like I said, I'm no expert...but those are my thoughts. Hopefully finding her shows you that you can find love again!

M 44, H 46
D11, D9, D5
Married 12 years
PA confirmed 9/2011
I filed 3/2012
H moved out 7/2012