My story is posted in Newcomers. H left Oct 3, I found out Oct 15 about OW, they are now living together. I don't want a divorce, at least not yet. But my question is .. do WAS with affairs ever come back home? Do they ever doubt what they did and decide they want their families. I plan on filing the divorce papers after Christmas, as I promised DD I would wait, but my fear is after I'm finally mentally prepared to file and do it, he'll decide that his family is really what he wants and I'll have to then deal with the decision of either trying to make it work or telling him to hit the road. I know Michelle says every marriage is savable, but is that really true? Can it really work?

Me: 41
H: 43
M: 21 yrs
DD: 15

1st bombshell: 2002 - 6 months
2nd bombshell/moved out: 10/03/2012
OW: 10/12/2012
Signed MDA & PP: 11/20/12; but not submitting
Confirmed OW living with H: 11/21/12