I'm confused too. I think most (maybe not all) of the 37 are just pretty much "common-sense" DBing, and not referring to either the LRT or the "after-the-LRT" at all? confused

I do think that once things go legal, it's only wise to keep track of spending, any "squandering of marital assets," etc., and it's ALWAYS wise to protect yourself medically. These aren't any different than any good lawyer or doctor would advise you once your spouse is wayward. I personally would rather know what I'm dealing with, ACCURATELY, but once you know what's going on, continuing to "snoop" will only make you nuts. Get your proof, file it away, and move on to working on yourself and making your own positive changes, in my opinion.


M57 W 57; D30 D28 S24 S20 GD7 GD2 GD1 GD5m GD1m
BD 5/07; W's affair 5/07-8/07

At the end of every hard-earned day, people gotta find some reason to believe. (Bruce Springsteen)