Well I wrote my scatter brained story the other night. I was so happy to find a site that encourages keeping the marriage but I really would have liked to hear some responses or advice from someone just cuz I just need so badly to communicate in order to sort things out in my head. But maybe I seem too complicated. I mean look at my username. I am a very isolated and alone person so I don't get to discuss my issues with anyone and I guess I was hoping a miracle suggestion or something would fall down outta the sky. One that I can see or read cuz my relationship with the MAN Upstairs isn't do hot neither at the moment a lllllonnnng moment. Anyway, I just thought I might express that to u. I'm not allowed to express myself to my husband or my family(whom I no longer speak to 5 siblings) THEY say I'm too BRASHi guess cuz I call it like I see it "AND I MIGHT HURT SOMEBODY'S FEELINGS" and 4 of them older taught me this. But anyway, sorry for my scatter brained self. I'll go from one thing to another and I have to focus on saving my marriage which isn't seeming very promising at this time. Cuz I'm at fault. For doing what I did! The ultimate no no! In a marriage! I betrayed my vows in the worst way possible!