I am having a hard time lately feeling anything for her except betrayal. When I think about how in the last few years I have done things for her and her family that only a loving husband would do and not getting anything in return. I've given her family what little I had so the little ones could eat and went back home to starve for a few weeks. I have poured my heart out and given cards and annivrsary presents when she was only pretending to love me and gotten nothing in return. I haven't had a valentines day card or an honest "I love you too" in nearly two years, andy she gives this loser presents with my money and loses her rings to a pawn shop. She still wants to be friends but frinds don't ignore me and then call me expecting for me to pick them up when they're down only to ignore me again.

I've worked for over eight months and I don't know why I bother anymore. What's the use in trying to pull her back?

I don't think I can love her anymore.