Starting a new thread.

Not sure how to link to my old one, so somebody help!

Am I supposed to give a synopsis of my saga each time? At any rate, I don't feel like it right now, so probably later.

I ended up agreeing with H for him to take the day off and he's been watching me like a hawk since. I have told him that I appreciate him doing this for me. He said he would rather be here than have me trying to drive somewhere and get dizzy. He's out now getting more medicine and lunch.

My being sick has given me time to think. In our M, why did I never lean on him? Why did I have to do everything myself? Thanks to the women in my family, I am independent to a fault. I probably have never let my H feel needed unless there was a tragedy or I was about to fall out from doing too much.

No wonder he says I'm too wound up? Who wouldn't be from trying to do everything. So one of my 180s will continue to be to not sweat the small stuff. And for goodness sake, the world won't end if my H doesn't do something exactly as I would. (This is actually something I'm going to try to do with everybody. I think it will make my outlook on life in general a lot better.)


Happy and loving life.